Master 2 "Maths in Actions"


The Master 2  "Maths in action : from concept to innovation"  aims at providing a strong education in research, with a close link with applications. It gathers four different options, each of them beeing specialized in a specific field:

In each of these options, several innovative mathematical concepts are investigated, both in the numerical modelling and PDE fields, and in a statistical and stochastic framework. Few programs in France propose such a mix, and the pedagogical crew promotes interactions in an active way.

All the courses will be taught in english.


Training program :

3rd Semester 4th Semester

3 mandatory courses (3x6 cr) :

  • Applied Analysis : from physics to functionnal analysis
  • Stochastic and Statistical modelling
  • First steps toward high performance computing


2 mandatory courses (21 cr + 3cr) :

  • Research internship
  • Scientific english

1 mandatory course per option (6cr) :

  •  Mathematics for environmental and climate sciences:   Geostatistics and other applications of kriging
  • Mathematics for numerical simulation :
    • Data Mining
  • Vision and Imaging :
    • Introduction to mathematics for images
  • Mathematics for biology and medecine
    • mathematical modelling for epidemiology

2 mandatory courses per option (2*6cr) :

  • Mathematics for environmental and climate sciences :
    • Transport problems in fluids mechanics
    • Statistical climatology
  • Mathematics for numerical simulation :
    • Mathematics of simulators
    • Stochastic methods for PDE
  • Vision and Imaging :
    • Variational methods for medical imaging
    • Meshes and algorithmic geometry
  • Mathematics for biology and medecine :
    • Population dynamics
    • High dimensional statistics for genomics


N.B.: cr = European Credit Transfert and Accumulation System


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The selection is based on the student's applcation form. A first year in a Master's program is required. Possible admissions with a bachelor degree.

The online application form will be open between the 2nd of May and the 1st of July 2018.


The master program Maths en action is co-accredited with the following institutions Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, and Université Jean-Monnet.

Polytech Lyon is also a partner of this progam.